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View the product forms available in your market and choose the one that's right for your bug problems.

Aerosol icon


Different aerosol sprays quickly kill a wide variety of bugs in the air, on surfaces or in infested areas around your home. They're easy to use, kill bugs quickly and help turn your home into a pest-free environment.

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Baits kill bugs you see and those you don't, working best against insects such as ants and roaches. Once bugs feed on the bait, they return to the nest and transfer the bait to the others, killing the entire colony.

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Bed Bug Detectors

Use these to detect the presence of bed bugs indoors in sleeping areas. Traps can help alert you to their presence so you can prevent an infestation. If bed bugs are detected, eliminate them with Raid® bed bug control solutions.

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Bug Barriers

Bug barrier delivers continuous protection without needing your constant attention. This product acts as the frontline of defense in your home by killing bugs that crawl across a surface where the product was sprayed.

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Foggers release a cloud of bug-killing fog that penetrates through the air, eliminating bugs hiding deep within your home. For maximum effectiveness, place the product in a stationary position, close all doors and windows and leave the room.

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Gels kill bugs that you see as well as those you don't. Use the applicator to apply a small amount in those hard-to-reach places. Once bugs feed on the gel, they are exposed to the killing active, share it with other bugs and die.