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Pantry Beetles

Tenebrionidae, Curculionidae

  • SIZE

    1/8in to 1/4in long






Top-view illustration of a pantry beetle.
Side-view illustration of a pantry beetle.
Close-up side-view image of a pantry beetle.
Close-up top-view image of a pantry beetle.



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General Information

Pantry beetles are usually brought home with food that is already infested. They can contaminate other dried food in your home if it is not stored in air-tight containers. Find out how to help protect your family’s food by getting rid of these unwanted pests.

  • It is estimated that there are as many as 1.5 million different beetle species around the world1, but only a dozen or so infest our food.

  • Pantry beetles are commonly called grain beetles or flour beetles. Other names for these pests include rice weevil, sawtoothed grain beetle, red flour beetle, drugstore beetle, and cigarette beetle.

  • These beetles are small (about an eighth of an inch long) and are usually brown or reddish brown in color.

  • Their general body shape may appear to be long and thin to slightly round.

  • Many pantry beetle species can fly, but most often they are seen crawling on shelves, in cupboards, or in the food itself.


  • Pantry beetles may be found indoors infesting dried food.

  • These pantry bugs eat cereals, spices, flour, pet food, and other packaged foods.

  • Common signs of infestation include seeing beetle larvae in food containers or a stray beetle or two in the pantry or cabinets.

  • Pantry beetles want food and a place to lay their eggs.

  • These beetles consume and contaminate the dry packaged foods that they infest.

  • Find and remove any infested pantry items. Be sure to bag and seal any infested items and throw them away outside the house right away.

  • Clean your pantry thoroughly, taking special care to remove any dried food spills on shelves and in cracks.

  • Store food in sealed, air-tight containers to help prevent pantry beetles from infesting your family’s food.

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